Station Details


Station NameShenfield
Station CodeSNF
Station OwnerGreater Anglia
Developable Area9.10ha
Development Capacity683 homes (at 75dph)
Local Planning AuthorityBrentwood
2021 Housing Delivery Test - Homes Required1,169
2021 Housing Delivery Test - Homes Delivered774
2021 Housing Delivery Test - Score66%
2021 Housing Delivery Test - ConsequencePresumption
Green BeltLondon
Green Belt Area9.1ha ( 100% of the potential development area)
Network Rail RegionEast of England
Network Rail Sub-RegionEssex
Passengers, 2020 - 20211,063,094
Passengers, 2019 - 20204,170,558
UK Station Passenger Rank (Use)132

Development Potential

England's busiest station (apart from those serving airports) had 4,170,558 passenger movements in the period 2019-2020. The station with the least was 68. Shenfield station had 4,170,558 passengers enter or exit it during this period. That's roughly 11,458 people per day.

For a station with this number of passengers passing through it each year a density of 75 homes per hectare is reasonable, based on its proximity to major population centres and existing infrastructure.

Shenfield is located within the East of England railway region. The potential area for development around the station (excluding existing buildings, national parks, flood zones, public green space, protected habitats, areas of outstanding natural beauty, world heritage sites and surface water) is approximately 9.1ha.

Assuming an appropriate (but not prevailing) development density of 75 dwellings per hectare, this area has a development capacity of around 683 homes.

The station sits within Brentwood planning authority, which in 2021 achieved a Housing Delivery Test Score of 66%, having delivered 774 homes from a target of 1,169. As a result of this score, the authority is subject to a 'presumption in favour of sustainable development', according to the NPPF.

The total capacity of all Brentwood's stations is 8,302 homes. That's 710% of its total 2021 Housing Delivery Test requirement.

Taking green belt into account, the capacity of Brentwood's stations is 1,638 homes without building on protected land. That's 140% of its total 2021 Housing Delivery Test requirement.